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Learn the exact program I've used for the last 30 years, to teach thousands of people how to confidently ride trails, how to set the foundation for liberty, bridle-less, bareback riding, how to catch your horse (without treats), load him into a trailer easily, teach him to jump and everything in between.

It will help build your confidence as a rider, and give you a clear plan to overcome any challenge you have with any horse.

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Broken down into a practical, step-by-step system of horsemanship.

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Join a supportive group of fellow horseman working on the same program as you.

With The Glenn Stewart Stages Program, You Will Learn...

The ideal mindsets and perspectives for making progress with horses
How to establish trust & respect with any horse
My preferred tack & equipment
The 7 groundwork skills I use with any horse before I ride
The 7 in-saddle maneuvers I use to establish trust and confidence
How to easily load any horse onto a trailer
How to develop confidence on trail rides
How to do liberty 
How to jump a horse safely and confidently 

About Glenn

Glenn Stewart has been working with horses and their owners for over 30 years teaching thousands of students his Horse Development Program.


Glenn’s work with and knowledge of horses is diverse. He travels extensively each year delivering horsemanship clinics across Canada, the United States, South America and Europe.

Glenn leads camps at his home near Fort St. John - The Horse Ranch. For 19 consecutive years, he has led the Learning Holiday Adventure High & Wild in the Northeastern Rocky Mountains – a remote location 160 Kilometers from the nearest roads.

Glenn was in charge of the horse program and developing 200+ herd of wild horses. This included: the breeding program, seasonal round-up, the taming/gentling, foot breaking, trimming, overall maintenance of the herd and welfare.

Ultimately horses were prepared annually for people from all over the world, with varying degrees of horsemanship abilities to be able to safely ride in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies.

Glenn has successfully competed at numerous world class events:

  • Reserve World Champion, 2022 Road to the Horse Colt Starting Competition, Lexington, Kentucky
  • Champion, 2021 Heart of the Horse Colt Starting Competition, Canada
  • Champion, 2019 Heart of the Horse Colt Starting Competition, Canada
  • Canadian Representative 2012 World Championship of Colt Starting, Tennessee USA
  • Champion, 2010 Cowboy Up Challenge, Calgary Stampede, Canada
  • Nominated for Western Horseman of the Year

Glenn also leads Learning Holiday Adventures and destination clinics in Brazil at world class Lusitano breeders and ranches, as well as on the beaches and ranches in Costa Rica.


Watch Glenn Show &  Compete:


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